Rico Rodriguez, PE

Ricardo (Rico) Rodriguez, PE, Founder and Principal of Civil Grade Engineers, is a driven professional who knows how to get the job done. His strong work ethic and process-oriented mindset have led him to become the go-to engineering solution for many municipalities, water districts, and municipal utility districts (MUD) within the Houston area.

Rico’s career began as a project manager providing utility planning and design for regional water authorities and MUDs, followed by expanded leadership into senior project management as a District Engineer for expansive developments in the five county Greater Houston Region. As District Engineer, he led projects from development through design to completion with work that encompassed paving, grading, drainage, water line and sanitary sewers. His clear communication skills and desire to hold client interests as his own greatly benefited clients and public agencies. Rico became known as a successful liaison throughout the development process, available for calls and questions every step of the way.

Today, Rico leads Civil Grade Engineers with his specialized senior-level knowledge and direct involvement in each project. He has a knack for client development and interaction, successfully communicating with various points of contact within an organization and developing steadfast relationships. Rico is known for his dependability and availability to clients. Driven by integrity, Rico is committed to a project until it’s done, and he has made himself an integral part of project solutions, willing to interface with clients mid-project and fix problems even when they aren’t his own. His professional ethics of working hard for clients drive him as Owner of Civil Grade, keeping each client’s best interests in mind along the way.

Rico is a leader in the Houston area and serves as Board President of Harris County MUD 509. He holds a bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from The University of Houston.

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