Thalia Salas

Thalia Salas, Engineer Intern, is responsible for construction plan checks for adherence to agency criteria, and development and quality of design tools. Unlike most young professionals, Thalia’s experience is not limited to the classroom. Her father owns a construction company, giving her a front-row seat to project sites, where she watched foundations take shape and gained hands-on experience tying rebar. Thalia understands the engineering and construction process from the ground up, literally. To build something bigger than herself drove her to become a civil engineer, while a desire to leave a positive impact on the environment ignited her interest in land development.

Thalia’s passion for engineering is not the only aspect of her life for which she is grateful to her father. With his help and the support of her husband, she will finish her degree in December, while also having a young child at home. A strong family bedrock has instilled values of selflessness and dedication in Thalia. It also fuels her determination to complete her degree and become a licensed engineer. During her studies, she joined ASCE, while also working as a manager of two retail establishments, where she trained new employees and organized company events. This commitment and resilience to overcome challenges make her a welcome member of the Civil Grade team.